We offer a full range of research services, including both qualitative and quantitative techniques, with each project tailor-made to meet our clients’ specific objectives. .

Companies of all sizes benefit from our research service where we provide the highest standards of research and unrivalled distribution of our reports on a truly global and unrestricted basis.

We also utilize our experience in business intelligence and our ability to deliver high quality research driven projects in helping global industry and consulting firms and work on business research, market research and human capital intelligence assignments. In this segment our potential clients include niche but reputed consulting firms as well corporate looking for a knowledge partner.

Market Entry

Evaluation of market opportunities, market assessment, competition, realizable return on investment.


Competitive benchmarking of products and services, strategies and identifying areas of improvement.

Company Analysis

A research note on company’s business model, strategy, shareholder’s share value return

Shareholder Value Analysis

Shareholder value analysis by comparing different companies with their financials and avenues of value creation.

Risk Assessment

Providing risk assessment services such as calculation of VAR, stress testing using different statistical tools.

Mergers & Acquisition

Analysis of Merger and Acquisition deals.

Idea Generation

Identifying companies in different sector with the potential to outperform based on the comparative valuation, company strategy, expected growth of the industry


Valuation models with different approaches such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Free Cash Flow of Equity, Economic Value Added and Relative Valuation based on P/E, EV/Sales

Equity Research

Detailed equity research notes on companies under coverage. Recommendation based on fundamental and technical analysis which includes detailed evaluation of company’s business model, strategy, financials to derive fair value of the company

Market Research & Analysis

Systemic gathering, recording and Analysis of qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services

Human resources Analysis

Provide company climate analysis & Independent view on employee attitudes and their evaluation.

Financial Analysis

Assessment of a business to deal with the planning, budgeting, monitoring, forecasting, and improving of all financial details within an organization

Global Accounting & Legal Databases

Lexis-Nexis Legal
BNA Tax and Accounting Center
CCH Intelliconnect (CCH Internet Tax Research Network)
RIA Checkpoint
Accounting Research Manager

Global Medical Premium Databases

LWW Ovid
Access Science
Web of Science (ISI)

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